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Indian Classical Vocal


4 Classes / Month

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About the Course

Elevate Your Voice with NMAG India's Transformative Vocal & Ear Training Course (Indian Classical or Western vocals)! Unleash the power of your voice and immerse yourself in the art of musical perception with Nirvana Music Academy Gitanjali India (NMAG India). Our exhilarating Vocal & Ear Training Course is your gateway to vocal excellence, a keen musical ear, and a deeper connection to the world of sound. Whether you dream of being a professional singer, a versatile musician, or simply want to refine your musical abilities, this course will empower you to shine like a true star.

Course Highlights

Comprehensive Vocal Training:

Dive into a comprehensive curriculum that nurtures your vocal range, technique, and expression. Our experienced vocal coaches guide you through breathing exercises, vocal warm-ups, and performance techniques to unleash your full vocal potential.

Ear Training Mastery:

Develop your musical perception and intuition through targeted ear training exercises. Sharpen your ability to recognize melodies, harmonies, and musical nuances, enriching your musical experience and versatility.

Expert Vocal Coaches:

Learn from accomplished vocalists who are passionate about helping you find your unique voice. Benefit from their guidance, techniques, and insights to master the art of singing.

Personalized Approach:

Tailored to your vocal goals and aspirations, our course offers individualized coaching that caters to your vocal range and style. Whether you're honing your projection or delving into vocal embellishments, our mentors are here to support you.

Repertoire Building:

Craft a diverse repertoire encompassing various genres, from pop and rock to jazz and classical. Develop your ability to interpret and perform songs that resonate with your artistic vision. Aural Skills Development: Enhance your ability to identify pitches, intervals, and chords by training your ears to grasp musical elements more keenly. Strengthen your improvisational skills and overall musicality.
Check the projects/Repertoire created and performed by our Students at:

State-of-the-Art Facilities:

Immerse yourself in a studio environment equipped with advanced technology, enabling you to fine-tune your vocals and enhance your aural skills.

Performance Opportunities:

Showcase your vocal progress and newfound musicality through various performance platforms, boosting your confidence and stage presence. Join the NMAG India Family: Enroll in our Vocal & Ear Training Course and become part of a supportive community of music enthusiasts who share your passion for vocal artistry and musical excellence.

Enroll Today Don't forget to check our Curriculum at: the extraordinary potential of your voice and refine your musical perception.

Join us at Nirvana Music Academy Gitanjali India to embark on an inspiring journey of vocal and ear training. Enroll now to elevate your vocal prowess and discover the magical world of sound!

For more information, reach out to us at +91 74396 37360 or apply here at
Let your voice soar to new heights with NMAG India – where melodies and ear training unite in perfect harmony!

Your Instructor

Sumita Majumder Ghosh

Introducing NMAG India's Distinguished Indian Classical Faculty: Sumita Majumder Ghosh

We are honored to present Sumita Majumder Ghosh, a distinguished member of NMAG India's esteemed faculty for Indian Classical Music. With an illustrious journey spanning over three decades, Sumita Majumder Ghosh stands as an embodiment of dedication, mastery, and profound understanding of the intricate realms of Indian Classical Music.

Education and Training:

Sumita Majumder Ghosh holds a Masters in Music from the renowned Rana Sangeet Sanshad, where she delved deep into the rich tradition of Kirana Gharana. Her academic pursuits have provided her with a solid foundation and rigorous training, enabling her to explore the nuances of melody, rhythm, and expression that define Indian Classical Music.

Versatile Artistry:

As an accomplished artist, Sumita Majumder Ghosh has garnered widespread recognition as an All India Radio Staff Artist, where her performances have resonated with audiences across the nation. Her expressive rendition and intricate melodic improvisations exemplify her prowess, earning her a distinguished place among the stalwarts of the genre.

Guided by Maestros:

Sumita Majumder Ghosh's musical journey has been enriched through the guidance of eminent mentors. She honed her skills under the tutelage of revered luminaries, including Dhiren Basu, Sukumar Mirta, and Dr. Srikumar Chattopadhyay. Their wisdom and mentorship have contributed significantly to shaping her artistic identity and fostering a deep-rooted connection with the musical heritage she embodies.

Legacy and Contributions:

With over three decades dedicated to the realm of Indian Classical Music, Sumita Majumder Ghosh stands as a testament to unwavering commitment and a relentless pursuit of excellence. Her performances, marked by soulful renditions and a profound command over ragas, have enthralled audiences and enthusiasts alike. She continues to inspire and nurture the next generation of musicians through her teaching, thus preserving and passing on the torch of classical musical heritage.

Sumita Majumder Ghosh's association with NMAG India brings an unparalleled opportunity for students to learn from a maestro deeply rooted in tradition yet open to innovative interpretations. Her vast knowledge, combined with a genuine passion for teaching, ensures that students embark on a transformative journey into the mesmerizing realm of Indian Classical Music.

NMAG India is proud to have Sumita Majumder Ghosh as an integral part of our Indian Classical Faculty, enriching the lives of students with her profound musical insights and dedication to preserving and propagating this timeless art form.
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