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Why Ear Training?

Suppose, you are listening to Radio and you are already acquainted with Instrumentation like, Piano, Guitar or suppose you are vocalist, so It would generally drive your mind to catch that melody, catch those small or rather minute articulations , understand or visualize the cadences (chord progressions) and implement them while you are covering or trying to implement them in your own compositions, maybe for that you have sit down with your instruments and hunt and try some lines for hours and hours and still, somehow you have struggled to get a bit of it but not entirely. You are imagining, Wish I get those Instantly. There are comes the importance of Ear Training .

A Trained Ear helps you to visualize the Elements of Music going on and catch them and implement them or understand them. Ear Training exercises, at first should help you to identify the Intervals, the Basic colors of Major & Minor and then Diminished & Augmented, followed by chord degrees, tuning your brain with accurate Tonalities of various scale degrees which we call it as "Tonal Treatment", followed identifying the colors or notes lying behind a dyad, triad or rather an extended chord. Its about complete visualization of the Musical Elements playing infront of you on a Stage.

Join NMAG India, stay tuned to NForum, so that you dont miss any updates on music! More articles on Ear Training are on the way! So, Join us to train your ear in a proper algorithmic way!

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