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Fee Structure

Registration Fees

Are you passionate about music and looking to take your talent to the next level? Join NMAG India (National Music Academy of India) and access a wealth of exciting features and benefits that will help you grow as a musician, Register with us at just INR 1200, Here's what you can expect when you become a part of our vibrant musical community:


  • Free Ear Training Classes: Hone your listening skills with our expert-led ear training classes, designed to improve your musical perception and enhance your performance.

  • Free Music Projects: Participate in music projects exclusively sponsored by NMAG India. Collaborate with fellow musicians and showcase your talent to a global audience.

  • Music Releases on Worldwide Digital Audio Platforms: Your music deserves to be heard by the world. NMAG India will distribute your work on popular platforms like Spotify, iTunes, Amazon Music, JioSaavn, and more, giving you the exposure you need.

  • Musical Workshops: Learn from industry professionals and maestros through our exclusive musical workshops. Gain insights, tips, and techniques to refine your craft.

  • Exclusive Lessons and Notes: Access a treasure trove of exclusive lessons and notes prepared by our experienced instructors at digiMATS. Learn at your own pace and master your chosen instrument or musical style.

  • Exclusive Blog Page: Study anytime, anywhere with our dedicated blog page. Find resources, articles, and insights on music theory, practice, and performance strategies.

  • Comprehensive Guidelines: We provide comprehensive guidelines to support your musical journey. Whether you're a beginner or an experienced musician, our resources will help you reach your goals.

2 / Accredited Courses Fee Structure 

Accredited Offline Class Courses fee Structure are as follows:

  • Keyboard/Piano: INR 700

  • Guitar: INR 700

  • Western Vocal: INR 1000

  • Indian Classical Vocal: INR 700

  • Sound Designing & Engineering: INR 1000

  • Music Theory: INR 700

  • Ukulele: INR 700

  • Bass Guitar: INR 700 

*Above pricing is quoted for Four Classes per month.

3 / Specialization Courses Fee Structure 

Specialization Class Courses fee Structure are as follows:

  • Funk Specialization Course: INR 1800

  • Jazz Specialization Course: INR 1800

  • Progressive Music Specialization Course: INR 1800

  • Rock & Pop Music Specialization Course: INR 1800

*Above pricing is quoted for Four Classes per month.

4 / Non Accredited Course

Accredited Offline Class Courses fee Structure are as follows:

  • Music Production: INR 15,000 (16 Sessions)

  • Music Arrangement: INR 20,000 (16 sittings)

  • Tone Designing: INR 6500 (16 sittings)

*Above quotations doesn't entertains any kind of Installments. One time Full Payment is only considered.

5 / MEE Fee Structure

MEE or Musicality Evaluation Examination fee structure is as follows:

  • MEE Registration Fees: INR 400/candidate (for NMAG India Candiates)

  • MEE Registration Fees: INR 800/candiate (for External Candidates)

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