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"Bojhona" by Satyajit Sarkar (NI), Aditya Rudra (NI), Shubham Gupta (NI) & Lucky Rajput (NI)

Composition by Satyajit Sarkar (NMAG India), Aditya Rudra (NMAG India) & Shubham Gupta (NMAG India), Recorded by Debojoti De (OGP), Arranged, Mixed & Mastered & Produced by Olive Ghosh (NMAG India/OGP)

"Bojhona" is a multi-lingual POP track composed by Satyajit Sarkar, Aditya Rudra, and Shubham Gupta, with Lucky Rajput on guitars and backing vocals. The track is mixed and mastered, and produced by Olive Ghosh at OGP, with the recording artist being Debojoti De, an assistant sound engineer. It is sure to be a hit with its distinct beats and melodious sound, bringing people together from all walks of life.

Words from Satyajit Sarkar:

"বোঝেনা একটা এমন গান যেটা একটা বৃষ্টির দিনে লেখা গান

এটা একটা মনের ইচ্ছার গুচ্ছ যা বৃষ্টির সঙ্গে মিলেছে

' আজ বৃষ্টি ভালো লাগে কেনো তোমার চোখে যদি দেখি

চলো হাত টা ধরে ভিজি একসাথে '

আসলে বোঝেনা গানটা একটা ভালোবাসার শান্তির ব্যর্থতা"

"Bojhona a song that was written on a rainy day

It is a bundle of desires that coincide with rain

' Why do I like the rain today if I see it in your eyes

Let's hold hands and get wet together'

In fact, Bojhena song is a failure of peace of love"

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