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"Got Funk" by Nirjhar Bandyopadhayay (NI) & Dipak Rajak (NI)

Composition by Nirjhar Bandyopadhayay (NMAG India), Dipak Rajak (NMAG India), Recorded by Debojoti De (OGP), Arranged, Mixed & Mastered & Produced by Olive Ghosh (NMAG India/OGP),

Nirjhar Bandyopadhyay and Dipak Rajak have created a true masterpiece with their song "Got Funk". Funk track is a result of Nirjhar's musical genius as one of the youngest talent students of NMAG India. The track is mixed and mastered by Olive Ghosh at OGP with the recording artist being Debojoti De, the assistant sound engineer. Their work creates a perfect balance between organic and digital sounds and is a demonstration of their creative skill and keen ear for music.

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