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"Paheli" by Aditya Rudra (NMAG India)

Composition and Lyrics by Aditya Rudra (NMAG India) , Recorded, Arranged & Mix and Mastered by Debojoti De (NMAG India) , Produced by Olive Ghosh (NMAG India/OGP)

Aditya Rudra has taken the stage at NIPRO of NMAG India to create a stunning musical experience. His unique musical approach combines acoustic, electronic, and classical elements to create a layered soundscape. Under Olive Ghosh's production, Aditya delivered a powerful performance that captivated the audience. With his masterfully crafted melodies, intricate harmonies, and intricate beats, Aditya's music was truly unforgettable. His performance was a captivating experience, delivering an unforgettable and inspiring musical journey.

Words from Aditya Rudra,

"The song is PAHELI. This is a song about a conversation between two people who are in love with each other but they both are struggling due to the difference of their thought process and love language."

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