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Basics Scales & their Structure for Guitar

Knowing your scales will help in your music writing and improvisation. A consistent
your playing abilities very fast.
practice routine can increase your abilities very fast.

Basics Scales & their Structure for Guitar

Tips to Practice:

1. Use a metronome to develop a better sense of rhythm. Doing so also helps learn
faster and keep a better focus by setting goals. You should star off slow and
increase speed.
2. Apply these scales over real music and different backing tracks. This helps retain
the scales faster and gives it a musical context.
3. Link the different patterns to ether.

Here is how it works:

Each dot represents a note of the scale. You should start with
Keynote (red dot) going down ang back up. The shapes are made so you have to play
every dot on each string before movi to the next one.
In order to play a specific scale just locate the keynote on the fretboard and start there.
Each pattern can be moved around to achieve a different tonality.

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